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Why we need to design native apps for tablet or smartphone within a company

Many apps are published everyday and VizEcho Media’s goal is not only to promote new design but also to create applications that are useful and effective for companies and users. Surely, we would like to know the importance of adapting a mobile application for any devices. The main ground is to increase the number of users as new mobile applications are designed not only for fun but it is also useful for firms. Applications can be used to manage a company : after contracting some mobile projects, the company can use the interface in order to collect data. VizEcho Media has developped tools that are really useful.
As use case, recenty we have ddeveloped an apps to scan the bar code of a product. The purspose is i to build a proposal of prices for the customers. This way can increase rapidly the commercial insight and avoid queueing up as transaction can be done fastly. We can use the cross platform development like using android devices that have a high resolution camera.
Apps can also be used for an advertisement, to make sure that your human ressources stick to your value, to improve a company’s image. A multimedia application can be used for example in a restaurant in which the menu is proposed in a tablet. As a result, customers’ orders can be done rapidly and that will be a source of satisfaction for them and a good reputation for the company’s.

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