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Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Enterprise Ressource Planning (ERP)

They are kinds of application that improve the productivity of a company. Customer Relationship Management is used to build a customers’ portfolio that includes having their contact, understanding their point of interest, giving what they really need or offering product they really want, and organizing meeting. Enterprise Ressource Planning has a goal to manage successfully enterprise ressources such as material ressources, human ressources and financial ressources. Therefore, an appropriate platform should be designed in SMEs companies in order to manage all of those ressources. Client server application is also commendable for bigger companies in order to improve productivity by installing platform like CRM or ERP. Management can be also improved by following these suggestions. ODOO is one of the most famous enterprise ressource planning. Dolibarr in which we can manage some shops that are using bar code scanner in which tablets or smartphones or desktop are used instead of paying at the cash desk. We can discuss and give our offer after contacting us.

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