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WEB IN 360° Or WebGL, another way to present product in luxury and bright vision

Nowadays, information and communication technologies continue to improve to the vision 360°. From the existence of the internet, website interfaces are always in fixed and flat picture. Internautes grow weary from time to time to explore. The web in 360° pushes the web vision beyond the public requests to discover the details and the layout of products.
VizEcho Media, leader in Madagascar in web and 3D domains, associates 3D and web for innovation of classical visions on web. The result offers a fine interest and argumentation for selling products.
The web in 360°, fluently called WebGL (Web Graphic Library), is a new graphical interface conceived to post up a model of 3D graphism on a classical web page. This interface of programmation or API has been created since 2015. The web in 360°, allows the posting of the 3D products models on a web page, including the marketing, industrial, mechanical, technological, medical, architectural… domains.
This interface leads to get visions in the least details of geometrical forms and textures, without forgetting the attractive artistic side of the presented object in 3D.


We can exploit the web in 360° with multiple use :
• Interactive presentation of a product in 360° with its details, its form and its description. 3D shop or showroom on line with possibility to navigate and interact with the components parts.
• Architectural projects in 360°
• Virtual visit of building : local firms, hotels, rooms, …
• Show and exhibition stands in 360°

The only limit is our imagination. The web 360° can present whatever object in 3D.



The conception of a website in 360° requires different stages that can last some weeks, even some months in terms of the complexity of the request. The request might be fastidious in term of quality of rendering (complex apparatus, complex forms, luminosity type)


Like any website, the web in 360° can be accessible with any URL (http://www. votresiteweb.com).

The web in 360° is compatible with modern navigators like : Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari.

Mobile devices
Android : Android 4.4 (KitKat) and more
Apple iOS : iOS 7 and more


Nissan Pathfinder
Purflux Filtres
Lamborghini Aventador

Presentation of a showroom with accessibility of 3 different rooms.
This presentation in 360° is used for archives library of confidential documents about AIRBUS.
For data access, logins and passwords are needed.
Documents are downloadable via chip of control. A chart presented in 3D is posted to show datas.

Model of luxurious car at the same time sportive, presented in 360° with lateral doors that open one by one or both at the same time. Personnalization of the colour of the body car, the inside, the tyres and the rims.
Showroom in 360°
A showroom is an exhibition room of products or informative documents. For that, it can be seen like a shop in 360° on line or like a documentation center.
The chart in the following page classifies the criterias of a showroom conception as well as the technical details for the realization.
All architectural form can be presented in 360°. It can be about furnitures’ type, desks, premises, firms, luxurious hotels, luxurious rooms, ….
You will find in the following page the details of a project in 360° with architecture type.
Apart from the web in 360°, VizEchoMedia also offers other services to increase again the visibility of your firm like :
Development of mobiles’ applications under iOS and Android
Conception and development of websites (dynamic or static)
Aided publication by computer and graphical arts.
Realization of advertised audiovisual spots and coverages.
As well as the webmarketing strategy.
On the left :
Ekaton game of goose of Energy with total France, interactive game designed through iPad to increase the number of prospects and customers.
In the middle :
Wazo Real ESTATE, virtual visit of building through iPad.
At the top on the right
Vins de France, application through iPhone presenting the list of descriptives of wines products in France.

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