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Purpose of making a survey and a data analysis

Applied statistics are in a branch of mathematics and sciences. They are used to collect data by getting information about a population, and giving scientific aspects for a rational decision. In order to change the behaviour of a community, it is crucial to know them better. For example, if a surveyor wants to carry a conversation with a focus group, he needs to understand their habits like the kind of media they are used to watching, the activity they are performing all the day. Then, the data will help the surveyor to detect those information easily without neglecting the importance of the expert and the consultant help who have already made such a survey. The survey should be updated all of the time and to help surveyor to understand what are the characters of his focus group, he would better use online tools, tablet or mobile devices in order to collect data. A data analysis can be done through softwares like SPSS or SPAD… Using graphics and histogram will help for such analysis.
For a deeper understanding of a data, it’s important to do a cross analysis which involves making links between datas. The explanation is so meaningful that making decision is immediate. Many areas can be applied with data analysis like health care, social, communication, marketing, … VizEcho Media is able to build a survey by using statistics and data analysis for those who want to have an effective strategy.

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